Lead beneficiary – Triangulum Association, subsidiary

The main object of activity of the subsidiary of Triangulum Association is to provide supportive actions for vulnerable groups. These include programs of psychological counseling, mediation actions between vulnerable groups and public authorities, awareness raising campaigns and the organization of events to support persons at risk and to promote their inclusion

The subsidiary of Triangulum Association is a newly established entity. However, its board is common with the mother organization and therefore the subsidiary benefits from all its thematic competences. Triangulum has experience in the implementation of projects focused on the development of human capital. It has been involved in the management of target groups, it has overseen the provision of training through various educational programs and it has participated in information and publicity activities.

Web site: www.asociatia-triangulum.ro


Beneficiary 2 – Association Partners 2000

The Association’s goal is to collaborate with private individuals and/or legal entities, foreign and Romanian, in order to carry out works and services of private and public local interest, to facilitate the access to private and public resources, to implement nationally and internationally funded programs for socio-economic and cultural development, for the benefit of local communities in the two neighbouring countries, Romania and Bulgaria.

The organization has experience in establishing cross border partnerships. It has implemented a very appreciated CBC project in partnership with Bulgarian partner focused on regional development. The organization also has experience in carrying out cross-border studies about joint development opportunities in cross-border region.

Furthermore, the organization has expertise and competences on issues concerning environmental protection activities.  At the same time, it significantly contributed to the implementation of relevant models for their solutions.

Last but not least, the organization developed excellent communication networks and relations with media representatives.



The Association is to provide advisory and consultancy services to beneficiaries under various programs funded by the EU. Develops strategic documents, analyzes, studies and more. The organization is actively working with local authorities in the country by supporting the implementation of local development strategies, national and European strategic documents, including and to promote cross-border cooperation.

The organization has experience in developing and implementing projects financed by pre-accession programs SAPARD and PHARE experience in organizing meetings, participation in business exhibitions and fairs. The Agency is an active promoter of the process of establishing the Danube Euroregion East, covering a population of over 1.5 million. People on both sides of the Danube As a result of the current structure, carry out project PHARE CBC “Together doing business in Euroregion “East River”.

Web site: www.aedisilistra.wordpress.com


Beneficiary 3 – Association for Cross-Border Cooperation and Development “Danube Dobrudja”

Development of the cross-border and regional cooperation; Expansion of cross-border and regional communications; Strenghtening the positions of the civil and information community; Realization of cross-border infrastructural projects.

ACBCD “Danube Dobrodja” has initiated and participated in regional and cross-border projects since 2001. In 2007/2008 the Association has been the main partner in the realization of two PHARE CBC projects, targeted at business cooperation, community development and environmental protection. Two of them are investment projects: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture “Eco business – cross-border centre for businessmen from border area Calarasi – Silistra”.

Web site:  www.edanube.ccpro.com